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Meet Spherical

An app that takes the "work" out of networking

What We Do

We help you confidently enjoy meeting new people and grow real relationships by being your authentic self. With Spherical, you can foster a quality network of people that you know and can depend on. We help you prioritize quality over quantity. Instead of just creating a list of contacts that you once met, we help you get to know people.  

How We Do It

Our app provides an organized platform that uses a two phased approach. We help you effortlessly connect with contacts​ over shared interests. Also, our features make it natural to maintain connections and transform them into valuable relationships by facilitating more interesting and engaging conversations for you and your contacts.  We make sure you don't just say, "keep in touch", but help you to actually do it.


Phase 1
Meet Like-minded Individuals


Phase 2
Maintain Connections

Our Vision

We help you to have fun meeting and deepening your relationships with other people  while getting to be your authentic self. 
Our app provides an organized platform for you to manage  connections, facilitating more interesting and engaging conversations, as well as keep in touch with existing relationships.

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Our app helps you meet others with shared interests and maintain relationships

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